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Topaz Property Services Ltd. FAQ

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions Topaz Property Services Ltd. receives regarding snow blowingin Sault Ste Marie . We hope that you find them helpful, and encourage you to give us a call if you would like more information or if your question is not covered on this page.

1.When can I expect you to clear my driveway?

Our Sault Ste Marie forecasts use the radar station based in Montreal River and are designed for the airport. We use the internet Radar and the television’s Weather Network to determine our need to prepare our teams. Many factors affect the amount of snow we actually receive.

  • Until Lake Superior freezes snow amounts can vary from the forecast – sometimes more – sometimes less and this affects our decision to go out.
  • Because we have several clients in numerous areas of the city we can have little snow in some areas while other areas have much more.
  • Snow Squalls are also very unpredictable and may cause delays due to zero visibility at times.
  • If a forecasted 5-10cm (or more) snowfall occurs overnight we expect to have your driveway cleaned before your requested time.
  • When the forecasted 5-10cm (or more) snowfall does not occur overnight, but starts after 6:00 a.m., there usually isn’t enough snow to prevent anyone from getting out of his/her driveway. Although it may snow all day, we normally wait until the next morning before we clear your driveway. You can request to have it cleared before the morning at an additional per time charge.
  • If the forecasted snowfall is less than 5-10cm, we will clear your driveway upon your request at an additional charge.
  • Drifting Snow? In the event that we have no forecasted (5-10cm) snowfall and you get snow drifts that can prevent you from exiting or entering your driveway, kindly call our office to make us aware of it as each driveway is different and the wind shifts directions and we may not know you are drifted in. A service charge may be applied.

2.If I have an appointment am I guaranteed to have my driveway done on time?

If you call us the day before your appointment and let us know what time you have to leave your home, we can usually juggle our schedule to clean the plow-in first, then return to finish the rest later in the day. However, sometimes we cannot avoid situations that are out of our control. Therefore, our recommendation is that you schedule your appointments in the afternoons. In the event that we have day-time snow fall or that the plow has plowed you in, please call us at least three hours before your appointment.

3.What happens if the grader scrapes down my road between snow falls and leaves a mess at the end of my driveway?

Our greatest challenge is to know when and where these scrape downs occur. Although we make every effort to monitor these situations, we find that we can do a drive-by, see that everything is ok then find out that shortly after we’ve checked on you the grader has come by and left you in a mess. The only other way we know that this has happened is if someone calls it in. Therefore, it is important that you call us to clear this out for you if you cannot do it yourself or have someone close by do it for you. When this happens, if it freezes into a hard block (almost like cement), or snow boulders, Topaz will not be responsible for damage to your vehicle or towing costs you may incur. * In the event that the scrape down has been left between snowfalls, we will wait until it is removed before doing your driveway as this could injure our men or damage our equipment and puts us behind schedule. If we are in your neighborhood and notice that you have been blocked in, we will clear it out unless instructed otherwise. For the clients who have paid for the season, 2 have been provided in your contract. All others will incur a service charge.

4.What happens when the snow slides off or is removed from my roof into the driveway?

Our preference is that this snow be removed from your driveway before our arrival as this is not part of a normal snowfall. If you would like us to blow it out, we will come back and do it for you at a later time of the day. There will be a minimum service charge of $100.00.

5.What happens if I go away on vacation?

Please leave a message with our office and arrange to have a neighbor or friend contact us in the case of unexpected plow-ins or drifting.

6. Can you wait for me to clear the snow from my car and move it before you do my snow?

Unfortunately due to the time restrictions and commitments we have made to our clients such as yourself, we cannot possibly wait to have you clear your car and move it. If we did this for every client we would not be able to meet our obligations. It would be best to have your vehicle out on the road before our arrival if you want the full driveway cleared. However, as some of you have your driveway cleared in the very early morning hours, we can arrange to have the rest of the driveway cleared once the snow fall has stopped (usually the next day). A service charge may be applied depending on the type of contract you have.

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